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Saving Energy, Saving the World

The partnership plans to enable students to become aware of their responsibilities with regard to energy usage, through exchanging information with their European partner schools.
It aims to enable the students to consider their personal energy consumption and discover ways in which their carbon footprint may be reduced by comparing and learning from our partners' results
They will cooperate to plan activities and through the exchange of information and meetings learn to appreciate and respect other cultures.

The activities we plan are;
Building a website/blog
The production of a termly project newsletter
An initial survey of perceived national characteristics
A booklet containing survival phrases of all the partner languages.
Photographs of where energy is wasted in the community
A food diary. Calculation of food miles and fuel usage
Collecting, sorting and weighing rubbish
Creating posters to reduce rubbish production
Creating sculptures from rubbish
Measuring air pollution
Calculating water usage
Building an energy efficient Euro home
Getting fit in the environment
Designing an activity that uses only human energy
Surveying school-home transport and calculating energy usage
Setting up an exhibition of all work
Producing a silent video to show how energy use can be reduced
Production of a scientific style paper which shows what we set out to do, what we did and what we achieved and an evaluation of our overall project
A glossary of technical terms

Project Objectives
The theme of energy has been taken because it is of global importance and it has been chosen by the participating schools because of its relevance to our studnets
The project will introduce participants to Europe and European people
students to see themselves as European citizens, with a responsibility regarding energy usage
That students will appreciate that energy consumption is not just a personal issue but has global consequences
To work together exchanging information and learning about other cultures
That the project has no; physical, social, academic, racial, ethnic, gender, geographical or age barrier
The problems that we intend to address are those of; Energy usage
The consequences of continued high energy consumption, in terms of food consumption, purified water usage and fuel expenditure and the pollution created.
Ways in which we as individuals and we as Europeans can modify our life styles so that they may become more sustainable.
We hope that through our work that we will be able to identify improvements in student's energy usage at the end of the two years.

The approach we will take will not be didactic, but one in which there will be an exchange of ideas between students in the partner countries and the methodology as far as possible will be student directed. In this way we hope that by inter-cultural dialogue that students will come to respect each others diversity, yet strive for a common goal.


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